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Berkshire Snow Seekers Snowmobile Club Inc.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is not an instant trail pass.  We will send you a trail pass via USPS.
To be able to ride on the S.A.M. trail system, every snowmobile must be registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and be a member of at least one snowmobile club within the state and have a S.A.M. trail pass for that snowmobile with sticker attached. We will not sell a trail pass without a Massachusetts registration for your sled.  Please click on the link below for more information about obtaining a Massachusetts registration.

Massachusetts Registration



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If you are just planning on donating to the club or just want to join the club without a trail pass, enter the year and the word "join" in the first set of information blocks and "yes" at the bottom to continue.

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Liability Waiver
I, the undersigned, waive all rights from accident or injury while riding on trails, or participating in any activities involving the Berkshire Snow Seekers Snowmobile Club, Inc., the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts (S.A.M.), private landowners, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or the individual townships of Massachusetts.  I fully understand that the sport of snowmobiling involves risk of accident, injury, and even death.  If you are under eighteen years of age, a parent or guardian must sign this waiver. The signer will assume the responsibility for the minor holding this trail permit/membership under the regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and M.G.L. Chapter 90B regulating the use of snowmobiles.

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Successfully filling this form out and clicking on "Continue to payment" will email to our club your information and send an acknowledgement email to you.  Please continue on and complete the purchase/payment which links to a Secure PayPal shopping cart.  When you complete the purchase, you should then be emailed again, confirming your purchase.

Note - Club membership expires September 1, 2022