Trail Safety

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Trail Safety Quiz

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What is Trail Safety?  In a nutshell, it is driving a snowmobile responsibly.

1.) Snowmobiling can be:
    a.) Fun
    b.) Exciting
    c.) Relaxing
    d.) Dangerous
    e.) All of the above.

2.) What is irresponsible ?
    a.) Drinking alcohol and driving!
    b.) Excessive speed for conditions!
    c.) Stopping your sled on the trail in a blind spot!
    d.) Not giving the right of way!
    e.) All of the above, and then some!

3.) What dangers might you expect to see, on the trail, while riding?
    a.) Other snowmobilers(From all directions.).
    b.) Cross-country skiers and hikers.
    c.) Wild life(both kinds).
    d.) Hazards(ice, trees, rocks, water, EPOs, etc.)
    e.) All of the above.


Answer for 1-3 - e.) All of the above.  If you needed to check the answer,
you need to take a snowmobile safety course.



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