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The Bershire Snow Seekers would like to welcome all the returning members and especialy the new members. Thank you all for being part of the club and I hope everyone has enjoyed our trails this year.

Berkshire Snow Seekers Meetings

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By Bob DiOrio

BSS News Editor

2021 Challenges behind us what does 2022 have instore.

It has been a very strange year for the snowmobile industry. COVID has effected every aspect of the sport especially supply and demand. Demand was out of site and prices skyrocketed. Manufactures had trouble-getting product out and dealers had little or no inventory. Just a side note on 2/26 I visited Walt’s Ski-doo in Derby VT and they did not even have a used sled to sell.

For 2022, Ski-Doo is keeping the fires going. They are bringing some serious excitement into the 2021/22 season by bringing back the Mach Z, active suspension and bringing the Finnish snowmobile Lynx to the North American Market. Polaris set the stage on fire in 2021 with their introduction of the 650 motor and how will they leverage this class leading performance package? For MY22, Polaris will offer a Starfire Series of premium sleds. Yamaha and Artic Cat have been quiet no doubt ready to drop a bomb on the market. I am taking it all in hook, line and sinker!

BSS Rumors, some true, some well?

A Windsor groomer couple (names of the innocent will be protected) took the Windsor Tucker Snow Cat out to prove it could not swim, let alone float. They concluded correctly.

The Pittsfield Tucker Snow Cat may have left parts in a snow bank somewhere between the Pittsfield state forest and Mt. Greylock. Reward for the safe return? This story will continue in the spring.

BSS mystery #1 someone is hiding a Bearcat and a drag?

BSS mystery #2 where is the chainsaw that use to be in the Kubota? It could not have escaped all by itself.

One BSS member rode his sled every day for 30+ days as a weight loss program. It worked!

BSS is going to need a new leader for 2021/22. These are big shoes to fill as the past leaders have done a tremendous job.

From the Rails to Trails Conservancy Newsletter

In the winter the accessibility factors of various snow-related sports—including fat-tire biking, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and, yes, even the occasional dog sledder—means that while these trail users will certainly be out in higher numbers, the main increases in trail use will be from walkers, wheelchair users and, potentially, snowshoers. That said, the yielding rules take on a similar format to that of the summer

Snow Machines yield to --> Bicyclists who yield to --> Dog Sledders who yield to --> Cross-Country Skiers who yield to Snowshoers, Walkers and Runners who yield to --> Horseback Riders.

However, there are number of caveats—related to hills, speed and route. For many flat, straight rail-trails, it is often appropriate for the faster-moving trail user to stop and/or slowly move around the slower (or less experienced) trail user in front of them—but it depends on their level of control, the situation and the conditions. When it comes to cross-country skiers or dog sledders, those moving downhill should always have the right-of-way versus those who are moving uphill, simply because it is harder for the downhill user to stop. Additionally, trail users may encounter situations where fast-moving skiers and dog sledders are coming up behind you, and the ease of stepping aside without conflict are easier for the slower moving individual. In those cases—when appropriate—it is nice to step aside. That being said, "right-of-way comes down to common sense," and "being polite and conscientious will get you far."

Randy thanks for the submission.

Riding in the Berkshires and Southern Vermont.

Berkshire County has had some of the best snow cover in a very long time. I have racked up more miles locally than with trailer destinations. I cannot remember that last time I could say that. Using October Mountain as a starting point, trips were planned as far south as Sandisfield (Connecticut line) and as far north as Monroe and into Southern Vermont. Destinations such as the Knox Trail Inn, Readsboro Inn and Pub 116 did not disappoint.


Knox Trail Territory along the Farmington River.

Views from October Mountain, Mt. Greylock, and Monroe are spectacular. The icing on the cake this year is all the local clubs were out there grooming. One ride in particular was quite an adventure. We left Lenox at 8:15 am and headed north to Readsboro VT for lunch. We hopped on the October Mountain trail system by Woods Pond and took trail 95 north to Windsor; skirted Sangar’s Store heading to Savoy. From Savoy we picked up Trail 2 and Trail 3 into Vermont. Once we crossed the auto road, Route 2 it was all new to me. The scenery was spectacular and what an adventure the mountain trails are. After a side trip to explore Dutch Hill Ski Area in Heartwellville Vermont, which by the way is a hoot watching the extreme skiers come down the mountain we headed towards Readsboro. There we gassed up and headed to the Readsboro Inn for lunch. 78 miles on the speedo and most of the trails were groomed. The sled parking lot was full of sleds. With a stroll across the street, opened the door, we were welcomed with a quant rustic bar and dining room. Once inside we met up with Team Southside, which had the table next to us. Good food, a few laughs and back on the trail for the trip home. Trails were holding up but there was more traffic than I have seen in a long time. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Officers had a "trail" block and it was the first time all year we had to show our registrations and proof of insurance. Cheers to the men in green. We passed in the shadows of the Florida Mountain windmills down to Monroe State Forest and back onto the Savoy trail system. Home by 6:00pm with 170 miles on my sled. I cannot wait until I can do it again.

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