All members please note regular club meeting is 7:00 PM on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month from September thru mid-April at the Polish Falcons Club located at 32 Bel Air Ave, in Pittsfield, MA.


The Berkshire Snow Seekers have been on Facebook for more than four years now! Just "like" us and you can post on our page. We will make every attempt to keep you up to date on the latest rides, events and snow conditions. Check out the latest pictures and videos and join in the fun.

Berkshire Snow Seekers Meetings

April Meeting is cancelled

Note: Meetings starting in September will be on Tuesday nights.

Come on down. Stay in touch with what is going on in the snowmobile community both locally and at the state level. Meet and greet old and new members alike. Enjoy the comradery and the spirited exchanges of ideas.



Cheshire Area Ė Andy Perenick @ 413-822-6374

Windsor Area Ė Don Allard @ 413-684-3773

West Pittsfield Area Ė Jim Holland @ 413-822-8754

South - Dick DiOrio @ 413-442-3189




Big thanks to Andy and Chris, and the outgoing Board of Directors members for their service as officers for the last 2 years. Congratulations to the new officers and directors taking the reins!


BSS Officers


President - Donald Allard

Vice President - Christian Halley

Clerk - Danielle Cartier

Treasurer - Mark Kenyon

BSS Board of Directors (10)

Donald Allard - President

Andy Perenick Ė Past President

Allen Bird

John Hendricks

Ray Jones

Jason Mitchell

Rich Rizzo

Chris Rogers

Kirk Stanaway

Ken Wheeler


Jul. 4 4th of July parade in Pittsfield

Aug. 15 Third Thursdays, Pittsfield's street festival, from 5 to 8 p.m. Touch A Truck Event

Summer This is not an off-season for BSS. As most are aware when the temperatures rise and the snow is gone, the work does not stop. From Legislative agendas to trail work and fixing equipment, the list is long. Stay in touch and lend a hand.

Sep. 3 Tuesday Kickoff meeting of the 2019/2020 snowmobile season.

Polish Falcons Club Bel Air Ave, in Pittsfield, MA. @ 7:00 PM

More events and details to follow in upcoming newsletters. For the most up to date information on events and rides tune into the BSS Facebook page.

Those that want to post rides, stories or events published in the newsletter please contact Bob DiOrio at r1_diorio@yahoo.com.



Donnyís mystery ride 2019. My first BSS ride event and it will not be my last.

2018/2019 Season at a Glance.

By Bob DiOrio

BSS News Editor

Summing up the 2018/19 snowmobile season. Locally the snow came early this year and unfortunately left us before Christmas. Old man winter took a hiatus from most of January and did not return until February. There was riding in January, but you had to be a "Snow Seeker" to find it in the North East Kingdom of Vermont, Canada, Pittsburg NH and pointís north in Maine. The season finished up with a bang and as of this writing, there is snow in the forecast. BSS was able to get off two ride events this year, the Chilly Chili, and Donnyís Mystery ride. I attended the later for my first BSS ride and it was a blast. Good friends, good food, groomed trails, hey whatís not to enjoy.

On another note, there are many challenges facing snowmobiling today. Many of the local issues run parallel to those on the national level. What I see as the number one issue today is the average age of a snowmobile club member. Letís face it, we are not getting any younger and there are not many young members stepping up to take our place. I have never seen so many calls for help as I have this past year. There are many factors for this but the trend can be bucked. BSS has and I do want to give a shout out to our departing president Andy Perenick as one of his many successes was to bring in some younger new blood. "Many hands" is a great rally cry and volunteerism is needed more now than ever. Gets the kids involved, family and friends. There are so many positives I cannot list them all.

The next biggest issue is snowmobilers need to protect "our" trails. What I have seen too much of this year is people who show disregard for snowmobile trails and landowner rights. You can see this from within the snowmobile community with off trail riding, destruction of personal property and loud pipes. From outside the snowmobile community that think our trails are their own personal playground. Many 4 x 4ís, ATV/UTVís drivers think groomed snowmobile trails are their ticket to go off road and rip it up. Because you own a 4x4 Jeep does not entitle you to joyride around groomed snowmobile trails. As snowmobilers, we need to police ourselves and show a little common sense. For those who choose to destroy the hard work we need laws to protect the trails for the future of the sport.


All too often, we find our work destroyed by those that think they are entitled, or by acts of mulishness. A favorite comedian of mine Ron White sums it up pretty good, "You canít fix stupid". This photo of a Jeep was taken on October Mountain is a perfect example. We had just groomed Whitney Place Road a few hours ago and were heading back. The Jeep did a thorough job of ripping up the trail. What were their intentions? How far where they going? They could have easily erased 8 hours of grooming with their joyride. How can this be stopped?

In closing, to all BSS members, landowners, business supporters, and readers we thank you. Have a great summer!


The big news from SAM is that they have released the new sled trail app. If it is anything like the current VAST map it will be "a must have" for local riders. It will contain intersections, trail status, fuel, parking etc. I use the VAST app, map my rides, and highlight return trips. Best of all and to the delight of my riding partner it is hard to get lost.

Welcome to the Massachusetts' interactive mapping application page, where you can find all our trails, learn about their status and find services close to the trails.