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All members please note regular club meeting is 7:00 PM on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month from September thru mid-April at the Polish Falcons Club located at 32 Bel Air Ave, in Pittsfield, MA.


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You can join us by returning a completed membership application inside this newsletter via the US Postal Service at {P.O. Box 1102, Pittsfield, MA 01202}, or by visiting our website at (see the article titled BSS Webpage about the new online membership application), or by stopping in at a regular club meeting 7:00 PM on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month from September thru mid-April at the Polish Falcons Club located at 32 Bel Air Ave, in Pittsfield, MA.

Currently you can purchase a trail permit at Pittsfield Lawn & Tractor, Ronnie’s (Pittsfield), and at Friendly Fred’s (Windsor), Sangar’s Store (Windsor), Wheeler’s Market (Pittsfield/Lanesboro line), and at the Hinsdale Trading Company in Hinsdale, MA, South Side Sales in North Adams

Note: Lanesboro Gulf Gas Station has chosen "not" to sell BSS trail passes anymore. Wheeler’s Market just down the road was happy to oblige and become a trail permit outlet in that key area. We thank Wheeler’s Market for stepping up.


Cheshire Area – Andy Perenick @ 413-822-6374

Windsor Area – Don Allard @ 413-684-3773

West Pittsfield Area – Jim Holland @ 413-822-8754

South - Dick DiOrio @ 413-442-3189

Berkshire Snow Seekers Meetings

Come on down. Stay in touch with what is going on in the snowmobile community both locally and at the state level. Meet and greet old and new members alike. Enjoy the comraderie and the spirited exchanges of ideas.

The 2018/2019 Riding Season So Far

By Bob DiOrio

BSS News Editor

When I took on this newsletter, I told myself that this was going to be a glass half-full endeavor. As I look out the window today 1/24 I find that to be a bit of a challenge. With the weather in the 50’s and a steady down pour all I can think of is "what could have been if this was snow". I find myself doing too much of this and nothing aggravates me more than rain in January. Mother Nature will not rest until she washes all the snow away. The only thing that might compare to this is when the New York Yankees lose to the Boston Red Sox. This dreaded 4-letter word has evaded us here in the Berkshires and the season is half over. Earlier in the week, I did get a chance to put a track down for 30 miles in October Mountain State forest. I stopped at 4 Corners and there was a group from south county and another from the Pittsfield area. It was like old times at this crossroad. The field at 4 Corners used to be a gathering point for all those looking to take a break, chat, and trade some riding stories. Yes, it was a tease. As January is quickly ending, I realized too, that I have not ridden one mile with my favorite riding partner. Sadly, my wife has not had the opportunity to join me and her MXZ 800 sits quietly in the garage and has not seen daylight since last year. I do see colder temperatures and snow in the forecast for next week. There is a ray of hope; the glass is not half empty!


The Geriatric Snowmobilers Vermont Trip

By Dick DiOrio

Randy Toth, Dick DiOrio (BSS members), Jeff Gamelli, Paul Mastriani (Knox Trail members).

First picture is the geriatric’s giving two thumbs up. The second picture is the "stairway to heaven" in North Troy VT.

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Took off Monday 1/14 at 11:00 am from Pittsfield, gassed up at White River Junction, VT, and arrived in Derby Vermont at 3:00pm. We stayed at the Derby Four Seasons with a gas station adjacent to the motel and trail access out back. Snow depth was good. Motel charges $48 a night per person with a free modest self-serve breakfast.

Tuesday morning 1/15 we took off for Canaan Vermont near the New Hampshire and Canadian border. Trails were a little bumpy but still good. An oddity occurred that morning. It was 12 degrees with a thick fog. This formed ice on our helmets that made it difficult to see for the first 15 miles. We arrived at Canaan at the Northern Restaurant and after an hour rest we headed back to Derby with 110 miles in the books. We ate that evening at the Cow Palace Restaurant that I feel is one of the finest and most reasonable in the area. The salad bar was great and food cooked to perfection.

Wednesday 1/16 we took off for Island Pond. On arrival, we were the only snowmobiles present (odd), then on to Norton, had lunch and returned to Motel. 90 miles of trails were covered. This Wednesday all the groomers were out the night before and the trails were perfect. We left Thursday because of the pending storm. We will return.


By Bob DiOrio

Adam L’hote and I joined the Geriatric Club in Vermont the week of January 14 but rode on our own. We snowmobiled for two half and two full days and were not distracted by the impending snow that never came. Sorry guys! Mid-week riding in Vermont is something to experience. We covered 650 miles from St. Albans west, Canaan east, Burke south and the actual US Border north. All trails were groomed and in many cases we were the first tracks. We saw more deer than fellow riders, road the mountain tops of North Troy and the rail bed of St Albans. For lunch, we enjoyed good food in Montgomery, Burke and Canaan. Dinner at the Cow Palace and East Side Restaurants were treats.


Tongue in Cheek Look at Typical Snowmobiler Sayings

By the Intrepid Snowmobile (From the web)

Things Snowmobilers Say – "It’s not much farther now."

An expression used by group leaders purportedly to reassure other riders that arrival must be imminent. Most typically expressed at the end of a long ride when it is getting dark and cold and you should already be there. Actually, all it means is that a) your suffering is not over yet, and b) your leader has no idea where he really is.

Things Snowmobilers Say – "It will get better soon."

Another phrase of supposed reassurance, also articulated as a prayer that the moguls currently jarring your bones will not get any deeper and cannot go on forever. Unfortunately, by the time this phrase is uttered, "forever" has already arrived.

Things Snowmobilers Say – "I think we have enough fuel to get there."

Oops! This is just what everyone wants to hear, especially past the point of no return. It conjures images of spending a cold night sleeping on your snow machine in the bush. What happened to filling up at the last opportunity? Probably, someone said this…

Things Snowmobilers Say – "I don’t need to top up at this station."

Okay, smarty-pants, so that means you know exactly where the next fuel is available. That the expected station will be open by the time you get there or not closed permanently since your last pass through the area? Or that you won’t get lost, have to tow another snowmobile or detour a longer way around? Useful reminder rebuttals: "Never pass gas" or "I’d rather be looking at it than for it."

Things Snowmobilers Say – "Why do the trails always get bumpy after lunch?"

Somewhere, the snow gods have written this as a rule. I may not have hit a bump all morning, but sure as shooting, if we stop to eat, that post-lunch trail will be mogul-city. In addition, the more I eat, the worse it will be. Bring on the Rolaids.

Things Snowmobilers Say – "It’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey."

Has anyone ever actually seen a brass monkey out snowmobiling? No, and you know why? Because they are smart enough to stay home when it is that cold. What is your excuse?

Things Snowmobilers Say – "It will get warmer soon."

Well, not really, but once frozen, you stop feeling as cold. Or anything else for that matter. Actually, you are entering the first stage of cryogenics, that thing they do to preserve bodies and bring them back to life later. Much like what happens to snowmobilers when it is brass-monkey time.

Things Snowmobilers Say – "I can’t believe there’s no one else on the trail!"

An exclamation of delight usually expressed just before coming across the most traffic you have seen all season, typically oncoming in a corner on your side of that best snowmobile trail.

Things Snowmobilers Say – "Where are all the hangers?"

The question that many snowmobilers ask when first entering a motel room. It is as if hangers become especially rare when winter arrives. Maybe they head south for the winter with the snowbirds. Consequently, we are left trying to figure out how to fit all our gear on that lone, bent and forlorn wire hanger remaining.

Things Snowmobilers Say – "Where was that sign pointing?"

A question asked when one finds the directional or destination sign at a critical intersection has fallen over into the snow with no indication of what direction it originally pointed. Might as well flip a coin.

Things Snowmobilers Say – "How far are we going to ride today, dear?"

A trick question, often posed by a spouse before departure. What it really means is: remember that I do not want to go on a marathon or freeze my butt off today. Ignore it at your peril or you will definitely hear…

Things Snowmobilers Say – "Why am I doing this?"

Or it’s more ominous counterpart "Why are YOU forcing me to do this?" Typically follows your gratuitous assurances that "It’s not much farther now." and "It will get better soon." or "It will get warmer soon." Better, find a five star resort, pronto.

Things Snowmobilers Say – "This isn’t on MY map!"

Usually said incredulously by a group leader, as if "this" is on someone else’s, but has mysteriously disappeared from his or

hers. Or as if, since "this" is not on MY map, then it can’t

(Cont. on page 3)

possibly actually be there in your face on the trail. Sometimes followed by: "It’s not much farther now." but never by: "I think we’re lost."

Things Snowmobilers Say – "This sled has never let me down."

Well, knock on wood because everyone knows what happens next!

I am sure you have a few favorite things snowmobilers say of your own, plus a few choice expletives deleted, such as those I’ve had to leave out of this family blog. Fortunately, the things snowmobilers say most are ones like "What an incredible ride!" or "Now THIS is what it’s all about!" or "Any day of snowmobiling is better than a day at the office." Yeah, it is all good, baby!

Tuckers and crews at work






Trail and Grooming Bulletin Board.

The SLEDMASS website has a bulletin board for clubs, members to post grooming, and trail reports. I would have preferred a more robust site but it is a start. The information will only be as good as the clubs and members that post. The site is located:

Annual Awards and Scholarship Applications.

Are you going to nominate someone for an award? Be certain that they attend the award ceremonies at the SAM Annual Meeting.

Groomer Operator of the Year: This is presented to an outstanding volunteer who makes sure that the trails we ride all winter long are as smooth as possible.

Club of the Year: Do you feel your club has recently made great strides in bettering snowmobiling? Has your membership been successful in hosting charity events or legislative rides? Any success story is an entry, let SAM know all about your club’s hard work and good fortune.

Dealer of the Year: Do you have a local snowmobile dealer who understands the importance of a relationship with a club? They donate items for raffles, help fix grooming equipment or even donate big-ticket items that are valued in the thousands of dollars. That is a solid nomination in my book.

Legislator of the Year: SAM has always had fantastic relations with our legislators at the State House, but suppose your local State Rep. or Senator has been of great assistance. Let’s let that legislator know how much we appreciate it.

Family of the Year: On any given weekend snowmobile families are hard at work, some clear trails, others run events. Many families are multi-faceted; Dad grooms, Mom is a club officer and the kids fold and stamp the club mailing. Let everyone know about the great families that dedicate themselves to your club and SAM.

Junior Snowmobiler of the Year: Speaking of families, there always seems to be a teenager out there with his Mom & Dad doing the work of four adults. Chances are, this youngster will be President of your club in a few short years! Let us keep the flame burning and recognize these talented kids now.

Snowmobiler of the Year: Who is the person in your club that is always there when needed? The one who get the trails cleared and groomed, takes on special projects, builds positive relations with landowners, town officials and legislators. Put the spotlight on this worthy soul, they deserve it!

Trail Worker of the Year: Where would we be without dedicated volunteers to maintain our trails?

Friend of SAM: How about those non-snowmobilers and landowners that support us?

Are you going to nominate someone for an award? Be certain that they attend the award ceremonies at the SAM Annual Meeting.








Feb. 7 & 21 Club Meeting: Polish Falcons Club

32 Bel Air Ave, in Pittsfield, MA.

@ 7:00 PM.

Feb. 17 Chilly Chili

Hamburgers, hot dogs and of course chili after the ride, free event for BSS members, all others $5/person, max. $10/family. Must show your pink trail permit for proof of membership. Alcohol is not allowed in the state forest.

To volunteer or for any questions contact Jim Holland 413-822-8754

Mar. 3, 2019 Stan Kopala Memorial Ride

Save the date - details to follow

Mar. 31, 2019 Polenta Dinner II : To benefit the Berkshire Snow Seekers, Social Hour 5:00 PM, Dinner served @ 6 PM at the Polish Falcons Club 32 Bel Air Ave, in Pittsfield, MA - $20.00/person. For tickets, contact Christian Halley at 413-822-1735

TBD Pontoosuc picnic and ride

Hamburgs and hotdogs will be served, free for BSS members, all others cost $5 per person, maximum $10 per family. Must show your pink trail pass for proof of membership. Please bring your own beverage. Guests are asked to bring a side dish if possible.

October Mountain picnic and ride

Donny's Mystery Ride


More events and details to follow in upcoming newsletters. For the most up to date information on events and rides tune into the BSS Facebook page.

Those that want to post rides, stories or events published in the newsletter please contact Bob DiOrio at