Children's Christmas Party at the Pittsfield State Forest Ski Lodge 12/7/2003


Our  annual Children’s Christmas Party was held  at the Lodge in Pittsfield State Forest.  It was yet another success for our club.   This year’s host and hostess, John and Maureen Dimise, were very happy with how well the event turned out.  The children made beautiful Christmas ornaments and artwork, munched on a whole array of goodies and played Christmas party games. We weren’t blessed with an early snowfall, but we did have a nice and clear day that was perfect for our hayride. A surprise visit from Santa Claus delighted every kid there when he gave them  gifts.  John and Maureen Dimise want to thank everyone who came to the event and especially to those who brought goodies.    If for some reason or another you didn’t make it this year, please try to make it next year.  We guarantee you’ll have a great family day!


kids xmas party 04.jpg (139802 bytes) Ring toss on Rudolph's antlers.

kids xmas party 03.jpg (131182 bytes) Kid's crafts - Making tree ornaments!

kids xmas party 02.jpg (131436 bytes) A great spread of food!

ryan and santa 02.jpg (143846 bytes) Santa pays a visit!

kids xmas party 01.jpg (155192 bytes) Ryan gets a Rescue Hero!